Help us help others

Help us help others


Perspectivy  working with disabled children and young adults both in state institutions and those living with their families at home. 

The vital work by Perspectivy is assisted by volunteers mainly from Germany and Poland.  To keep the costs as low as possible these young people live in apartments donated by Landlords.  Hamlet Property Management will provide free management to Landlords who have an apartment they are willing and able to donate for a ear or longer.  In this way ensuring that all communal and telephone bills are paid promptly and that the apartment is looked after for the duration of the donated period.


Upsala Circus

Upsala Circus An inspirational group of disadvantaged young people who are guided through a carefully developed social program using the art of the circus.

These organisations are in great need of clothes, furniture, kitchen equipment, bedding etc.  Many of our clients find that, when their time comes to leave St Petersburg, they have amassed more possessions than they can take back with them.  We help put together a list of items to be given away and then assure these things are delivered to families or individuals most in need. 

For example, parking, ID96